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Gestalttherapy according to Laura and Fritz Perls

In Gestalt therapy we have a look at how we form our life. Are we free of  barriers and do we live to our true potential? Or are there conditioned patterns like low self-esteem, negative thinking or are you asking too much of yourself and/or others?

In Gestalt therapy we assume, that we are born into our full energy and potential (still unconscious). 

Some people manage to stay in their energy and to live their potential in full consciousness as adults. Many of us though will be conditioned and weakened in their truth and don’t know anymore, who they are. We will work with different concrete exercises and techniques, so you can get to know yourself and to become who you are meant to be.

In this process Meditation is important - with the here-and-now principle and the awareness principle. Because we can lose too much energy by thinking about the past, which is gone - and also by worrying about the future, which is not here yet. Being here and now we can make the best out of everything and live our full potential. 

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